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3D printed jewelry

Many of you I’m sure are aware of the 3D printer. They have been used to create everything from engineered machinery parts to medical devices, and most recently, jewelry.

3D printed jewelry

3D printed wax rings

3D printers were developed way back in 1984 by Charles Hull. This was when he developed a process known as stereolithography. The Oxford dictionary goes on to define this process as a technique for creating three-dimensional objects, in which a computer controlled laser beam is used to build up the required structure, layer by layer from a liquid polymer that hardens on contact with laser light.

3D Printing Jewelry Design is projected to reach 5.5 billion dollars by the year 2026.

It takes a good deal of time for a jewelry maker to handcraft pieces of jewelry. Designers have been searching for a method whereby they could speed up this process for many years. The 3D printer is the answer.

Chrome Hearts

Jewelers & 3D Printing

Jewelry designers around the globe have been designing and creating jewelry by hand for hundreds of years. It has been a painstaking process for sure, requiring many hours to produce a single piece. This I am certain has contributed to the cost and therefore high retail price of fine jewelry.

With the entry of 3D printing into the jewelry designers repertoire for creation, not only are they able to produce much finer detail in individual pieces easier, but are also able to produce them much more quickly.                                                                  3D printed gold ring

The jewelers 3D printer will print the piece in a resin wax-like material. These wax moulds used to be painstakingly made by hand. Once this process is complete, the wax piece will be placed into a plaster like material that is then heated to high temperatures, known as wax casting. The wax will melt leaving a perfect mold of the ring, pendant or other piece being made. This mold is then filled with the precious metal being used such as gold, silver, titanium, bronze, copper, etc. Once this process is complete and the metal has cooled, the jeweler will polish the piece and then secure the gemstones.

3D printer

Jewelry designers are able to do complex meshes and other never before available designs using a 3D printer.

What About Quality

You may be asking yourself if the 3D printed jewelry as good as the handcrafted pieces that we are accustomed to. Is the detail of each piece as good. What about longevity, will they last as long, will they be able to be cleaned regularly.

The good news is, 3D printed jewelry will not only be as durable, beautiful and long-lasting as their handcrafted cousins, but will have available more intricate designs, will be able to be produced far more quickly and could therefor perhaps cost less. It will be so much easier for customers to make changes to their designs as these are all created with computer software and not with a sketch as has been done for decades.

3D printed necklace

With 3D printing, you will also be able to reproduce your older pieces of jewelry. A client can actually try on a 3D printed piece prior to completing the design and manufacture.

Jewelry can actually be printed in the actual finished material such as gold or silver rather then printing a wax mold from which the piece is made. The cost for these are usually higher.

To Wrap Up.

New designers entering the jewelry industry are now educated in digital methods which includes 3D printer training. 3D printing in the jewelry industry has a very bright future indeed. We are only going to see more and more designers using this technology to create their designs. As more and more jewelers employ this technology we will see the costs come down making beautiful jewelry available to most anyone even with the smallest budget.

3D printed pendant

In 3D Printing Jewelry Design we have introduced you to this revolutionary new process of designing and crafting jewelry. WE have given you an idea of the casting process, the various pieces that are and can be produced with this method and a little of the impact they will have. You can also view several examples of this new technology here in this article.

We will certainly look forward to your comments on 3D printed jewelry and any experiences you may have had, whether good or not so good. Feel free to ask questions and we will endeavor to answer them to the best of our ability.

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Once again, thank you for staying with us to the end of this post.

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