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It is said that “When the skies opened up and rained after a long drought, the tears of the people seeped into the earth, and formed Turquoise” (Native American Legend) The Navajo people truly revered the turquoise stone. It was much more than a semi-precious stone, something to adorn the body with or a good luck charm. It was really considered sacred or blessed.

Turquoise Raw GemstoneTurquoise Stone

This was due in large part because of some of this amazing stones inherent characteristics. Turquoise has been referred to as the ‘only living mineral’ mainly because of its ability to change color. These color changes can be brought about by for example, the acidity of your skin, or a change in  light or airborn dust.

Today, turquoise is still very much in demand due its inherent beauty and its relative scarcity. It also has significant historical interest. Authentic Navajo Turquoise Jewelry is admired today all over the world.


Yes, the turquoise stone is very beautiful. Nature does produce it in various shades of blue, blue green, and other varieties such as white, sky-blue, yellowish-green and an incredible sky-blue. Some of these stones may contain small flecks of blue, green, black, white or even brown. Each piece that the earth produces is entirely unique, a one-of-a-kind so to speak.

Turquoise is the gemstone dedicated to those of us who were born in the month of December. It has also been known to be gifted on an eleventh anniversary.



Turquoise stones have traditionally been set in sterling silver, not only making these pieces even more beautiful, but increasing their intrinsic value substantially as well.

You will find this stone handcrafted into bracelets, rings, pendants, earrings, watches and other unique pieces of jewelry.

Turquoise For Your Valentine

Why not surprise the ‘Love of Your Life” with something completely unexpected, something exquisitley beautiful, something she will be proud to wear, something she will want to show to her friends, something that will go up in value over time and finally, something she will love you ‘more than ever’ for. Yes, how about giving her a unique, handcrafted piece of authentic navajo turquoise jewelry. Nothing says “I Love You” more.

Womens Apparel & More has conducted a thorough search to discover the most beautiful, giftworthy pieces for your Valentine this season. You can learn more about each piece by clicking on the photos below.

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Valentines Day Gifts 2022

turquoise butterfly pendant              Beautiful handcrafted turquoise & silver Butterfly Pendant.


turquoise friendship/ wedding band

Turquoise friendship/wedding band. Beautifully handcrafted. Tungston         carbide with inlaid turquoise stones

turquoise womens ring

Turquoise & 925 sterling silver ring, oval cut

Turquoise heart pendant

Infinity love heart necklace, Aqua blue. Beautiful Valentines gift

turquoise heart ring

Ladies 925 sterling silver and turquoise vintage ring

turquoise stud earrings

925  Sterling silver and turquoise stud earrings.



So, What do you think…

Authentic Navajo Turquoise Jewelry has been around for many decades, being handcrafted by native artisans primarily in the New Mexico and Arizona areas of the United States. These beautiful works of art are available through several online sources making it easy for you to research and learn, and find just the right piece for yourself or that special gift.

We would love to hear from you. Please tell us of your experience with turquoise, what you like, and even what you don’t like.

Thank you so much for reading this post and leaving your comments.

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  1. I was unaware that Turquoise was considered sacred and of the Native American legend about the Turquoise. It truly is a beautiful semi-precious stone! I especially loved the Dragonfly Pendant and the Infinity love Heart necklace. They are exquisite pieces but when I clicked the Dragonfly it took me to a golden one and didn’t give me the option of the Turquoise.

    1. Thank you so much for your comments, we really appreciate it. Thank you also for letting us know that the link for the DRAGONFLY PENDANT was not correct. We have added the proper link now.

      Yes, we agree that this jewelry is very beautiful and timeless, quite exquisite. The history is very interesting, including the spiritual attributes that are attributed to these gemstones.

  2. precious mineral, it was a symbol that the Navajo people considered sacred.

    Possibly the most significant legend of the stone is that of the Navajo hero twins, who in their efforts to destroy a wicked witch, found themselves at a crossroads. They did not know which way to go. Then they saw a beautiful young woman with a turquoise in her hand. They asked her which way they should go and she told them, “Go to the right”. So they went

    1. Hello Moneer, thank you for your comments. Yes, I too found the history of the Navajo turquoise very interesting. I love the turquoise & silver jewelry personally that they have been crafting for decades.

      There definitely was a spiritual nature attached to this gem as you have pointed out that most people are unaware of. 

  3. My wife lost her wedding band a little while ago while we were on a trip and she has been gutted about it ever since. I have been looking for a replacement and given that she is in December born the wedding band looks like a really good option. I like the symbolism and spiritual connection with the Navajo as her family originates from a different group of first peoples called the Arawaks. I like also the idea of the uniqueness of the design and will certainly be looking more closely at the range with an intention to purchase. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much for your comments. I am so sorry that your wife lost her wedding band, so unfortunate. In fact, the day my wife and I were to travel back to Canada from Manila in the Philippines, she could not find her wedding band. We searched and searched . thought for sure it was gone. We were in a hurry to catch our plane and had to travel to the airport. We had all but given up when someone in her family happened to look in an old change purse of my wifes only to know it was there, what a blessing. I have not heard of your wifes people, the ARAWAKS, very interesting indeed. I too love the traditions of the Navajo and the other groups in the Arizona & New Mexico areas. I’m sure that your wife would love to receive her new band in turquoise. All the best.

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