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Are Bulova watches good quality watches you might ask, well, read on to get the answer to this question and many more about this 150 year plus US watchmaker. In this review we will also focus on the Bulova Ladies Marine Star Bracelet Watch. We will discuss the Bulova Brand, its history as well as its reputation around the world. In addition we will review the Bulova Ladies Diamond Watch known as the ‘Marine Star Bracelet Watch’.
Bulova Ladies Diamond Watch


The Bulova Watch Company was founded way back in 1875 in the US by a Joseph Bulova, a watchmaker from Bohemia, the largest historical region of the Czech Republic.

The watchmaker started out as a small jewelry store in New York City where young Joseph began his life work to design and craft quality timepieces. Precision, quality and superb craftsmanship were his driving forces.

Bulova opened his first watch manufacturing facility in Switzerland back in 1912. The Swiss, even back in the 1900’s had a reputation for crafting quality timepieces. The mass production of watches was made standard by Bulova about the same time. It was only a few years later that Bulova released its first ever line of mens watches in America. They were also the first watch manufacturer to release commercials on the radio in the mid 1920’s, and TV commercials began in the 1940’s . The Bulova brand became well know in the US very quickly as a result.

Citizen, a Japanese multinational Conglomerate purchased Bulova in 2008. They are still based in New York City and continue to make watches, clocks and accessories.

Review – Bulova Ladies Marine Star Watch

The Bulova Ladies Diamond watch is undoubtedly a beautiful timepiece. The Marine Star 2-Tone Rose/Gold is very special adding a touch of luxury & class to any ensemble.

Model No. 98R235

Color 2-Tone Rose Gold

Stainless Steel case with 23 diamonds

Has a quartz movement

32mm diameter face

This watch is resistant to water up to a depth of 330′

Has a white face with a 2-tone rose gold band

Calendar date in watch face

Warranty is 3 years against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. Warranty does not cover maintenance or damage from mishandling or improper use, normal wear & tear. Battery, crystal & strap have no warranty.

Customer reviews at 4.7 out of 5


At a sale price of 341.78, list price at 625.00, it may seem expensive to some for a watch.

Bulova may not be as famous as some other watchmakers

Some models are now manufactured in Hong Kong, Japan & Switzerland. Not in the USA.

There have been a very few reports of quality control problems with some lines.

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After completing our in depth research into not only the Bulova brand but into the Bulova Marine Star Ladies Diamond watch, we at Womens Apparel & More feel that we can wholeheartedly recommend this exquisite timepiece. It is beautifully crafted, and will give you many years of service. If you would like to learn more please click here or on the watch photo above.

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  1. Hi there,

    Great article. I found the history of Bulova fascinating. My mother is celebrating her birthday soon, so I am looking for a nice present to offer her. As she loves watches, this will be the perfect match. The watch is not really expensive. I think it’s reasonably priced. I just want to know something if you don’t mind. My mother often goes boating at sea, so I wondered if the watch has good resistance to rust? Also, do you have some tips on how to clean this watch? That would be very helpful:)

    Thank you very much for this excellent review.

    1. Hello Daniella, yes, you can’t go wrong with a quality timepiece like this Bulova Ladies Marine Star watch.

      It is indeed a beautiful piece with the 23 diamonds and 2-tone rose gold motif, I feel anyone would treasure such a gift. In regard to cleaning the watch, you can tell your mother that Bulova recommends wiping her watch regularly with a clean, soft cloth to remove any stains or water drops on the strap along with any accumulated dirt on the case or crystal. Bulova uses a patented Dura-Crystal, distortion-free and scratch resistant glass. The watch is water resistant up to 100 meters. The case and bracelet are made from stainless steel which naturally resists rust from developing. 

      If we can help in any other way, please let us know.

  2. I think this is a good blog to advertise this brand. The reviews are good and I have no doubt about the quality of this watch. I honestly don’t like too much jewerly on myself but that’s why I love a good watch. For such a good watch, I think the price is realistic.

    1. Hi Bojana, thank you for your comments. Yes, the Bulova brand do have an excellent reputation for quality timepieces, that is for sure. As you have mentioned, their pricing is quite reasonable for a quality watch. 

      The Bulova Ladies Marine Star watch is undoubtedly one of our favorites. With 23 encrusted diamonds one can wear it virtually anywhere.

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