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So, what are CHROME HEARTS exactly ? Chrome Hearts, according to Wikipedia, is a fashion company that produces, silver, gold and diamond accessories in addition to leather, eyewear and furnishings. Founded in Los Angeles, California in 1988.

CHROME HEARTS has been known to only release two collections per year that are not seasonally related, and, on occasion, they will release individual pieces. Products are sold primarily through luxury retailers worldwide.

In 1997, Chrome World JP Ltd was founded in Tokyo, Japan. They only sell authentic, new Chrome Hearts jewelry through a chain of retail stores in Japan. In 2020, because of the covid-19 pandemic, they made the unique CHROME HEARTS jewelry available online to serve the international market.

In 2002, CHROME HEARTS introduced a collaboration with the rock band ‘The Rolling Stones’, that featured the bands iconic ‘Lips and Tongue’ motif, you may have seen it on social media.

In this review, we will discuss the manufacturer, CHROME HEARTS, the quality of their very unique jewelry, and also give you a glimpse into the world of what we now know as ‘CHROME HEARTS” along with a few choice pieces we know you will want to add to your jewelry box.

So, lets get started, shall we…

Chrome Hearts

Chrome Hearts Quality

Chrome Hearts is a specialist manufacturer in HIGH END .925 Sterling Silver jewelry. They also design and handcraft in 22 k yellow gold and 18k white gold jewelry. Chrome Hearts jewelry has excellent craftsmanship. Due to the quality and limited releases, this timeless jewelry commands a great deal of respect within the industry as well as premium pricing.

How Did CHROME HEARTS Become So Popular

Even though this brand has become very popular, with an estimated worth of over 1 Billion dollars, very few people know about it. They are very low-key and a bit mysterious which prompts many of us to begin to ask questions. Being human, we are naturally curious, right.

Chrome Hearts is a ‘Family Business’, meaning, mom, dad and the children are all involved, and when it comes to major decisions within the company, a family vote rules the day.

One of the main reasons they are more expensive is because all products are made in the United States where the cost of labor/manufacture is higher. They have their own factory in Hollywood, California where they employ over 1,000 people.

There is another reason why Chrome Hearts have become so popular and a little more expensive, and that is because they only release new products in limited quantities They will only introduce two collections each year to the market and will therefore be classified as somewhat rare.

Each individual piece can take a very long time to develop. The Stark family are very particular that each product is exactly as they have envisioned it throughout the development and manufacturing process.

Chrome Hearts Celebrity Connection

We mentioned briefly up above the connection Chrome Hearts has with the iconic band ‘The Rolling Stones’. chrome hearts

chrome heartsIn addition to the bands ‘iconic tongue’, Chrome Hearts collaborated with the Stones to create a collection for the bands ‘Forty Licks Tour’ in 2002.

The well-known singer ‘Rhianna’ is a big fan of Chrome Hearts. She wears Chrome Hearts jewelry in many of her public appearances and has purchased  such items as a stapler as well as a meat cleaver if you can believe it. Each had Chrome Hearts emblems on them.

The very well-known singer ‘Cher’chrome hearts cher is a friend of the Stark family and wears a lot of their famous jewelry. For example, Cher showed up at an awards’ ceremony wear a black leather pants outfit with Chrome Hearts crosses at the knees.

chrome hearts‘Bella Hadid‘, the famous American model is a long time friend of Jesse Jo Stark and is close to the entire family. Chrome Hearts have release a few collections in collaboration with Bella Hadid. She has also appeared in Chrome Hearts ad campaigns.

The famous US rapper ‘Drake’ chrome heartsis also a big fan of Chrome Hearts. Drake posted on his Instagram wearing his gold Chrome Hearts X Rolex watch. He has also been known to dress his son in Chrome Hearts.

Some Special Pieces For You

Chrome Hearts ring collections is vast and varied. Everything from hearts to crosses, a dagger, floral and spin to Rolling Stone.

CH HEART BAND RING – This ring is a gentler rendition of the typical Chrome Hearts hard rock hearts The heart itself has a 3 D effect due to being surrounded by silver and set in the middle of the round ring. This selection has proven to be a popular gift for women as well as bonding for couples.

chrome heartsCH DOUBLE FLORAL RING – This ring showcases the gorgeous a very classic Chrome Hearts style Floral motif. Designed in Sterling Silver, perfect for you ladies.

Chrome Hearts bracelets are made in pure .925 Sterling Silver making them not only valuable but a good investment as well.

CH CROSS CHAIN BRACELET – Another statement piece from Chrome Hearts for you. If you adore Chromechrome hearts Hearts fancy link bracelets you will love this one.

CH DICE & CROSS BALL BRACELET – This bracelet has been a Chrome Hearts favorite since its hearts The attention to detail is magnificent. You may wear this piece with anything your heart desires.

Chrome Hearts pendants are available in no less than 15 styles and configurations. We are sure there is one that you will absolutely fall in love with.

chrome heartsCH SMALL CROSS PENDANT – This piece delivers the perfect balance between classic heritage and contemporary style. You can wear this piece with the latest Gucci designs or with an aged vintage tee. This Sterling Silver cross will provide the perfect touch.

CH DOUBLE DAGGAR PENDANT – This Double Dagger pendant has been loved since the early days of thechrome hearts Chrome Hearts brand. It has become the most recognized Chrome Hearts motif worldwide. Crafted in .925 Sterling Silver this pendant will go impeccably well with a suit or even casual street wear.

Note: All Chrome Hearts jewelry include:

* Chrome Hearts genuine original leather pouch

* Genuine product certificate

* Original Chrome World box

* Original Chrome World polishing cloth


To sum up, Chrome Hearts have become a well-established and popular designer of iconic handcrafted sterling silver jewelry. They are only available in high end retail locations and a few carefully chosen re sellers servicing the international online marketplace. These are pieces known to increase in value over time making them an excellent investment.

You now know a little of the companies’ history, founders as well as a few of their celebrity supporters.

We have provided only a few of the beautiful jewelry pieces available from CHROME HEARTS. We would encourage you to click on the banners or any of the photos to learn more about this innovative US manufacturer and their unique offerings.

We would love to hear from you. please leave your comments below.



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  1. This looks like a genuine brand that sells really good jewelry. I have never heard of them now I know, I might visit their website in the future. Thank you for this article.

    1. Hi Angee, we appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to comment. Thank you.
      Yes, CHROME HEARTS have always played a low profile, selecting their media exposure very carefully. Thru this and the fact that they only release two collections per year tends to make their pieces more sought after and therefor more valuable. Most of their jewelry is made from .925 Sterling Silver, and because of this and their limited production, will increase in value over time making them a good investment.

      Here is another recent article we published that you may find interesting.

      Take care,

  2. Thank you very much for this detailed chrome hearts post. Honestly, I didn’t know about these chrome hearts before. But their quality is very good according to your post. And I fell in love with the CH double floral ring. I will gift it to my girlfriend. Thank you very much for this post and keep posting like this.

    1. Hey Pasindu, thanks so much for leaving your comments. So glad you enjoyed the review of CHROME HEARTS. Yes, they do make some very beautiful pieces of jewelry for sure. I’m sure your girlfriend will absolutely love that ‘Double Florel Ring’. Their jewelry is very unique. I don’t know of any other manufacturer with similar offerings.

      Here is another very recent article we published that you also may be interested in.


      Take care,


  3. Chrome hearts seems like a very well-known brand, although I didn’t hear about it before. But how nice that even the Rolling Stones are associated with it and Cher, I love her style! I will look further from now on into this jewelry,fun times ahead haha! Thank you for this little history and information on this brand.

    1. Hi Lizzy, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments, we appreciate it.

      Yeah, CHROME HEARTS have been around for over 20 years, out of California. Its because of their low profile, doing only select advertising that a lot of us had not heard the name before. however, they design and manufacture beautiful jewelry, in Sterling Silver, as well as gold and platinum.

      It is through the celebrity relationships that they have that most of their brand promotion is done. 

      We have left a link to another recent article that you may be interested in here.


      Take care,


  4. This is the first time I have come across Chrome Hearts, so it is a surprise to see that they have been established since 1997. Being a family business means that everybody is involved in the high-end jewellery company. Making high-end jewellery pieces can make a brand more exclusive, combined with the limited releases of their pieces. 

    With well-known celebrities like Cher and the Rolling Stones associated with Chrome Hearts, it gives one confidence that it is a reputable and reliable jewellery producer. 

    1. Hello LineCowley, thank you for stopping by and leaving your comments. We do appreciate it.

      Yes, you are absolutely right when you say that the value of CHROME HEARTS jewelry will increase over time due to their limited production, celebrity endorsements and quality.pieces.

      Many people anxiously await their next collection, as they only release one or maybe two collections a year.

  5. You review has provided a good introduction to what’s Chrome Hearts, it’s not a well-known brand but I can see the products are of high quality and unique. The limited production of each piece will make them more valuable.

    The Table of Content stands out with its pink colour has certainly improves the navigation around the review. 
    A suggestion is to mention Chrome Hearts appeals to which groups of people, the rich, famous etc., The Rolling Stones picture and it’s size is a good one since it’s a well known rock group. 

    I like the display of the special pieces and this display provides a glimpse of what are the products available. However, I think the effect of how the pieces can be improve with a colour background since most of the pieces are of back/white.

    A display of one of the certificate and a box can add value since most of us may not have the opportunity to see one, and, if we do see box, we can associate it with the Chrome Hearts products.

    If the picture at the top can somehow add the Chrome Hearts brand or logo will be even better.

    1. Hello Jasonpkl, we appreciate you stopping by our CHROME HEARTS REVIEW and leaving your comments. You are right, Chrome Hearts jewelry are known for producing limited quantities of their creations, and only twice a year maximum, thus making their pieces more valuable. They are indeed a very unique manufacturer in the jewelry arena, and we applaud them for that.

      We also appreciate your suggestions for this article. They are very helpful. Thank you.

  6. Love your page, especially the moving banner.  The red labels/tags really make your page stand out (pop).

    Very interesting… Just the storefront alone catches your attention.

     You are correct, very few people know about it unless you are rich and famous. I had never given it any thought who created the iconic ‘Lips and Tongue’ motif; pretty cool. 

    It must feel amazing to only produce two pieces a year and be a billion dollars company (Wow).  Unfortunately, I am not into chrome or white gold jewelry. I favor gold, it goes well with my skin tone.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Faye, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comments. We appreciate it.

      Yeah, isnt that amazing, only 2 collections per year and such phenomenal success, wow.

      Thank you for your kind comments about our website. We like it very much as well.

      I very much like gold , as does my wife. She is a Filipina, so her skin tone is a little darker than mine, more suited to gold jewelry.

      I have left a link to another post below that you might like to read if you have time.


      Take care….

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