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Todays modern woman wants to look and feel her best in every aspect of her life. Her classy casual clothing wardrobe is no exception. Here, elegance is just as important as when dressing for a formal evening. She wants to be able to move freely when going about her activities, yet feeling graceful and beautiful.

11 Do’s and Don’ts of Classy Casual Womens Clothing

1. Learn to love “Who You Are”. You are unique, there is not another woman in the world exactly like you. Embrace it !

2. Know your “Best Qualities” and dress to emphasize them.

3. You may have a few extra pounds in which case loose clothing in beautiful drapery fabrics will add to your innate beauty.

4. Pinstripes as opposed to wide stripes definitely have a slimming effect.

5. Your handbag and shoes really must match your outfit.

6. Use color to add life to your overall look

7. Be adventuresome and try something different once in a while. You might just be pleasantly surprised.

8. Do Not talk yourself into wearing something for somebody else. YOU must be pleased with the look you present to the world. PLEASE keep this in mind.

9. Acid wash jeans may be trendy in some circles but definitely not classy or elegant.

10. Do Not confuse your overall look with too many colors.

11. To maintain class and elegance, please do not wear anything too tight or transparent.

DEFINITION – Classy Casual Womens Clothing

So what does “classy elegance” mean and why is it so important in a womans wardrobe.

Classy as defined by Websters is: having or reflecting high standards of personal behavior, admirably skillful & graceful.

Elegance as defined by Websters is: refined grace or dignified propriety, tasteful richness of design or ornamentation.

These are two admirable qualities todays woman wants to have reflected in the clothing she chooses.

We have presented some ideas and suggestions below to help you in choosing your casual outfits in a few social scenarios.


What to wear for light casual activities such as a walk on the beach, a stroll thru the park or perhaps a luncheon with some friends.

Some examples of trendy but classy casual clothing might be a shorts and blouse outfit with a nice pair of sandals or perhaps a pair of lightweight fashion sneakers. Add an elegant choker necklace and tote purse shoulder bag to complete the look.

womans loafers

Perhaps a classy pair of dress slacks with a casual sweater, a trendy pair of Juliet Lora Loafers,

a pendant necklace and a Chevron Quilted Love Crossbody bag will fit the bill.


OK, you have been invited to go to a major sports event in your city with a group of friends. This will be your first time to attend such an occasion. What to wear….

Why not start off with a pair of slim fit Levis New Boyfriend jeans levis

with a flattering Floerns Pearl Mesh Long Sleeves Dressy Top. Add a pair of Sketchers Go Joy Walking Shoes

a Coach Gallery Tote Shoulder bag, a Steve Madden Bangle Bracelet and you’re all set to go



The sun is now setting on your day and you are going to prepare for a casual evening gathering at a friends home. There will be games, refreshments and maybe a little relaxed dancing. You are now wondering, “what on earth am I going to wear”.

You of course, you want to look your best but, also be comfortable. Wearing a classy casual outfit including shoes, jewelry and bag are uppermost in your mind.

Let us help you here and make some suggestions.

The weather is warm so Let’s start off with a casual summer tank sleeveless knee-length pleated sundress.

Choose one of your favorite flattering colors. A pair of Sketchers Beverlee Tiger Posse Wedge sandals sketchers sandals

will definitely add a touch of elegance. Choose a conservative necklace and bracelet ensemble to add some bling and maybe an evening clutch bag to complete your look.

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  1. Elegant casual clothes can give a very striking impression of a person. What I like most is when you said that we have to dress the way we want and not the way others want us to. Clothes can say a lot about a person, so these items are very important especially for us women.

    1. Yes Bojana, you are absolutely right, the clothing we chose to wear speaks volumes about us as individuals. Others will determine so much about us just by our clothing. My wife, Lett is so particular about how she presents herself to others, and that spills over to her advice for me whenever I go out to work for example. And, like you said, we need to feel good in our attire, as this will definitely affect our attitude and ultimately our success for the day.

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