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This review of Coach Shoulder Handbags is based on our personal experience here at Womens Apparel & More. Lett has accumulated many years of first had knowledge of several major handbag manufacturers. It is as a result of this experience and our extensive research, that we have decided to review the COACH brand first.

Coach have been crafting handbags since 1941 manufacturing in the city of New York. Their belief is “Crafting beautiful things that you can be yourself in”.

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Coach Leather Gallery Shoulder Tote Bag

Manufacturing – Manufactured by Coach in the USA, Europe & Asia

Founders   –   Lillian & Miles Cahn  Coach Shoulder Bag

Materials – Leather is sourced from the USA & Europe & coated canvas

Construction – Crafted with the highest quality using the very best raw materials with renowned Coach craftmanship. Pebble-Grain genuine leather with accents of linen and leather trim. The hardware on Coach bags is made from two-tone copper finished beautifully in gold tone.

Authenticity – Each Coach bag will have a 7 digit serial number since 1994 in this pattern XXX-XXXX  the 1st 3 characters tell you the month, the year and the location of manufacture, while the following 4 characters indicate the bags style number.

Functionality – This beautifully crafted bag has several multi-function pockets with zipper closures as well as a pocket for your smartphone. Includes a 10 1/4″ outside zipper pocket. The bag itself is 12 3/4″ x 10 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ with ample space for everything you wish to carry with you. Very spacious and stylish. The bags handles have a 25 cm drop making the bag very comfortable to wear. There are other color options available as well.

Pros – Considered a luxury bag at a semi-affordable price. Quality crafted Coach bags are considered classy and stylish as well as being a good investment. It will yield many years of service, maintaining its beauty and outlasting many of its competitors. To learn more about this bag please go here.

Cons – To some of our readers the cost of this bag may seem a little high at 187.98, there are definitely less expensive bags on the market. The bag can also seem to be a little heavy, even before placing in your items. There are knock-offs out there in the market that one needs to be watchful for.

In Conclusion

As you can readily see, Coach Shoulder Hand Bags have a long history, are very well crafted providing women around the world with something very beautiful. If you have any questions or comments please put them in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you, including any experiences you have had with your bags.

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