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The primary principle directing WOMENS APPAREL & MORE is number one, our passion for clothing for all aspects of an active womans life, and secondly, to empower women everywhere with the ability to achieve. When we feel good about the way we look and the way we present ourselves to the world, we are much more confident, outgoing and success oriented. It is the goal of WOMENS APPAREL & MORE to enable all women everywhere to look and be the best that they can be.

Dressing For Success – Dresses

A woman naturally feels far more attractive when wearing a well chosen dress, whether it is in her professional capacity at work, when out for a night on the town, or out for a quiet romantic dinner. A dress that compliments her looks, body shape and personality. In the office, modesty is an attractive quality, therefore, ones dress should be attractive as well  office dressas professional. A well chosen dress can project power, intelligence and a can-do attitude that is something employers look for not only when hiring, but also when considering individuals for promotion. At WOMENS APPAREL & MORE we have the innate ability to help you chose the right dress for your professional life. 

Dressing For Success – Blouse & Slacks

A stylish and trendy blouse and slacks outfit can be a knock it out of the park moment for the professional woman. It is important to keep in mind that modesty, functionality as well as style are the important things to consider here. A blouse and slacks outfit can be every bit as appealing as a dress in the office if well chosen. At WOMENS APPAREL & MORE you will find an almost unlimited number and variety of captivating outfits that will suit even the most blouse and slacks for workdiscriminating woman.

Dressing For Success – shoes

One of Letts as well as many women around the worlds favorite things to do is to go shopping for shoes. Many of you may have heard about Imelda Marcos, the wife of the late President Marcos of the Philiipines. It was reported that she had a closet just to house her 3,000 plus pairs of shoes. Can you imagine ! All joking aside, a stylish pair of shoes can indeed make or break a womans outfit. Your shoes must be selected to compliment the rest of your ensemble, whether it be a beautiful dress, or a trendy blouse and slacks outfit. Your shoes must also be comfortable to wear in the shoes for the officeworkplace as many women are on there feet for a good portion of their workday. At WOMENS APPAREL & MORE we have one of the worlds largest collection of shoes for the modern  professional woman.

Dessing For Success – Bags

Your bag should once again be chosen very carefully with its ultimate use in mind. Function, style, material, color and size all need to be considered. Of course if you are a bride then a clutch purse will likely be your choice, however, in the workplace you will have other options you will be looking for. Yes, of course, the color and style should, you guessed it, womans laptop bag compliment your outfit and your shoes. Perhaps at work you will not need to carry as much in your bag so perhaps a smaller style will be suitable. 

Dressing For Success – Jewelry

Jewelry is an extremely important part of a professional woman attire. It can absolutely enhance or utterly destroy the look you are wanting to achieve. So please, choose carefully. Once again your jewelry should not only compliment your outfit, but it should also compliment you. Yes, your looks, your body shape, skin tone, and the color of your hair and makeup also must to be considered. Yes, at WOMENS APPAREL & MORE we have a huge selection of fine jewelry for all occasions. pendant necklace

Suffice to say that Dressing For Success has many components. Everything from your main outfit, whether it be a dress or a blouse and slacks outfit to your choice of shoes, bag and jewelry. 

To help you in your effort to look amazing as well as very professional in the workplace WOMENS APPAREL & MORE have created a brief questionaire below. This will help us to help you choose the  very best ensemble for your professional life.

To give you the amazing shopping experience many have come to expect at WOMENS APPAREL & MORE, please provide the information below in the comments section.

* What is the color of your hair.

* What is the style and length of your hair.

* What is the tone of your skin – white, olive, light brown, black, etc.

* Please chose your body shape – slim, average, more rounded, heavier, etc.

*Please briefly describe your work environment.

* What are your color preferences.

At WOMENSAPPAREL & MORE you will find one of the worlds largest collections of clothing, shoes, bags & jewelry for the professional woman. Dressing For Success in the Workplace will be a wonderful experience. Free professional advice is provided to assist you in the selection process. We guarantee that you will be absolutely thrilled with your new ensemble ! Please contact us at

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2 thoughts on “Dressing For Success In The Workplace”
  1. It is very important that women and men leave a good impression at the first job interview, and later in further work. In order to look as decent and moderate as possible, and on the other hand to have some style and beauty of your own, these dress codes can be very useful.

    1. Absolutely, it is especially important to look your best at a job interview. Your selection of clothing will tell the interviewer many things about you which will be indicative of how successful you might be should you accept their offer of employment. I think there are many, unfortunately, who don’t think this is important at all, dressing inappropriately for any occasion. If you do not feel good about the way you are dressed at a job interview, out on a first date, going to church or some other important event in your life, then you will definitely not be able to ‘put your best foot forward’ as they say.

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