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Here we are, in the middle of another winter, 2022 and almost at the 24 month mark of the worldwide pandemic restrictions. In some parts of the world you are already experiencing sub zero freezing temperatures. Maybe you are already prepared having all the winter attire you need, or perhaps you have been delaying your preparations and have come to the realization that you had better get cracking. In this post we will discuss the Latest Winter Fashions for quilted winter jacket Women including the latest trends in clothing style and fabric selection. A number of these selections have appeared on fashion runways in some of the worlds most well know fashion centers.

If you are a discriminating shopper searching for the perfect garment to add to your winder wardrobe, we invite you to be inspired and continue on to the next section.

Winter Fashion Trends For 2022

It seems as though the fashion designers around the world have created their garments with the thought in mind that we will be able to spend more time outdoors going forward. You will particularly see this reflected in some of the fabrics they have chosen to use for their 2022 winter collections.

So let us present to you the latest winter fashion trends for women 2022 version and be inspired !

10 New Trends in Winter Fashion for 2022

1. Quilted – You will find your favorite boutiques lined with Quilted Winter coats & jackets. From heavy puffers to the lighter quilted garments is one of this years best trends for outerwear. Both fashionable and functional.

2. Bright Colors – “Brighter the Better” seems to be the trend for this seasons winter fashions.

3. Knits – From the top of your head down to the tip of your toes you will be the warmest you have ever been in this knited sweater seasons knitted fashions.

4. Fringe Everything – From jacket to coats and even dresses you will see fringe everywhere. fringed jacket

5. Maxi-Coats – This new fashion trend for 2022 will most assuredly keep you warm this winter. They have been  appearing on the worlds most famous runways and now waiting for your selection.  maxi coat

6. Pleated Skirts – Pleats are very trendy this season, for day or evening and any occasion.

7. Denim – Denim everything is very much in vogue for this winter season. You will find trendy selections in everything from jeans to skirts and dresses.

8. Leather – Leather has been a staple in the Latest Winter Fashions for Women for several years running, and this season is no different. You will not only find coats and jackets, but also stylish skirts and shorts .

9. Mini-Skirts – The mini-skirt will never be out of style. Minis are back again for 2022 in a greater variety of fabrics than ever before. You will find leather, suede and of course denim. Fear not, pleated versions are also available. mini skirt

10. Vests – Always in style no matter the weather, in denim, leather, suede and wool. Accent your outfit with one of these timeless garments.  vest

How To Stay Warm & Trendy

The trick is “discrete Layering” ! Wearing your fashionable piece on the outside while layering lighter garments beneath. You can start with a lightweight ‘Puffer’ jacket or ‘Maxi-Coat” followed by a wool sweater and then blouse underneath. Knitted slacks and caps are in vogue this season completing your preparations.


Keeping warm while outdoors this year is probably uppermost in your mind. Fashion may take a second or almost parallel position when making decisions about adding to your winter attire. As you can see above, the fashion trends for the winter of 2022 give you a lot of beautiful options.

We truly appreciate you taking the time to read this post. We would invite you to leave a comment below as we would love to hear from you.

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  1. I really like this winter collection. But if you want to buy a good piece of clothing in the winter months, you have to adapt to the weather. That means finding material that is suitable for cold days, snow and rain and here you can certainly find everything you need.

    1. Hi Bojana, thank you for comment on our article ‘Ladies Winter Fashions For Women”. Yes, you are right, we need to adapt to the winter weather wherever we live. In some climates it is very cold  with snow, while in others it might rain a lot. The type of fabric we chose will in large part determine how comfortable we will be wearing it. 

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