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Blissfeel Sneakers

Lululemon Athletica was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1998 by Chip Wilson. Inspired by yoga, this fitness apparel company began as a design studio during the day, and a yoga Lululemon Blissfeel Sneakers center in the evening. Their first retail location was premiered in the year 2000 on west 4th Ave in Vancouver.

The idea was to create an environment that was so much more than simply a retail space where the fitness enthusiast could find the attire they needed for exercise. They also wanted to build a place where people could meet and discuss freely the benefits of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

The founders wanted to create real relationships with clients to learn exactly what they were so passionate about, what kind of exercise they liked to do, as well as assist them with setting and achieving their goals. So, you can see, this vision was so much more than providing quality fitness wear.

So today, Lululemon not only deigns clothing for yoga, but also for running, cycling, training, and many other fitness endeavors.

Womens Blissfeel Running Sneakers

Finally, Women First Footwear, after four years of research and development, including over a million individual foot scans, the long anticipated launch of the first running shoe specifically designed for the anatomy and bio mechanics of the womans foot, is here.

This is not a shoe designed for men and made over for women in pink, no, these shoes are designed for ladies only. A fit that truly feels like you ! Lululemons ‘BlissFeel‘ shoes actually have the ability to adapt to your foot !

Blissfeel Sneakers

These shoes are designed to actually CRADLE and SUPPORT you anywhere you go, no matter the surface you are on or the activity in which you are engaged. It will be available in 10 simply amazing color combinations.

There will of course be neon green, light pink, triple white & navy blue as well as a pale linen. The companies 2nd ‘shoe drop’ as it has been branded, is set for this summer of 2022, and will present new styles including ‘training shoes’ and ‘new slides’.

Lululemon For Your Feet – Behind The Design

8 Reviews

Marissa Miller – CNN – Right away I could feel its foam cushioning provides me ample bounce to propel me forward. It’s a lighter shoe than I am used to, and after this kind of pep in my step, I donèt see myself going back to anything else.    Lululemon Blissfeel womand sneakers

Colleen Quigley – Track & Field Athlete – It feels like a long time coming that women get a shoe that’s built for us. It feels really special, like a monumental moment.

Rachele Chang – Conde Nast Traveler – For the past week I haven’t thought about my feet at all. After a year of struggling with foot pain, my problems have suddenly melted away. The probable cause – the shiny new Lululemon shoes on my feet.

Jacqueline Andriakos – Womens Health – My initial impressions were; sturdy and breathable. Really comfortable on my narrow foot. Ultimately, I would recommend Lululemon Blissfeels whether you are an advanced or beginner runner.Lululemon Blissfeel sneakers

Amanda Furrer – Runners World – For us, proof is in how the shoe actually runs. Once I actually tugged on the Blissfeel, I put aside my fears of slogging in a slap dash tennis shoe disguised as a running shoe. It hugged my foot, was flexible, and had a slight snap, which made me feel swift as I accelerated on my usual six mile route.

Morgan Greenwald – NBC News – I’ve run with them plenty, both on the treadmill and outdoors – they’ve quickly become my new favorite running sneaker. I have very flat feet, and so far have found that the Blissfeel offers a sturdy and supportive mid sole with plenty of cushioning inside. The Blissfeel simultaneously offer me more ventilation and support but also make me feel like I’m not wearing any shoes at all.

Reddit – If you have a store in your area with footwear I suggest trying these on. They truly are a different fit that I’ve never really had before, and for my feet, they worked really well.

Megan Yu – Cosmopolitan – Whether you’re an avid runner or a beginner (or someone who admittedly dreads hitting the treadmill) the Blissfeel sneaker will make running a whole new beautiful and euphoric experience once you put em to work. Made to be a woman first running shoe. They’re designed to fit exclusively to you.

Up Close Look At New Blissfeel Sneakers

* The Blissfeel is a low profile neutral shoe which means it has been designed for those not requiring additional support.  Lululemon Blissfeel sneaker

* The uppers are made of a breathable mesh.

* Cushioning mid sole providing lots of support for those hitting the pavement often

* The toe box has been designed especially for running comfort.

* The heel clip provides a locked in feel as well as additional support Lululemon Blissfeel sneaker

* Weight is a mere 8.9 oz in a womens size 7.

* Padded tongue molded heel collar wrap around your foot for ultimate fit and comfort.


Lululemons new Blissfeel made especially for women sneakers, after four years of research and development, are finally here. These sneakers will feel as though you are wearing nothing at all, indeed, an extension of your foot. The reviews above tell most of the story. They are being loved by all who have tried them. If you have been struggling to find a runner that will finally be for you, a woman, we would recommend that you give the Lululemon For Your Feet new Blissfeel sneakers a try. You won’t be disappointed.

We would love to hear your thoughts and or experiences with these new running shoes. Please leave your comments in the comment section below.

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  1. Hey thanks for this article! It was an interesting read.

    These shoes look quite comfy, when standing for long periods of time or running around, good shoes are key, it makes a massive difference. The most common problem for feets is usually the footwear, so why ignore it when the solution is really that simple.

    I really like the colour infusion of the new blissfeel shoes, it’s a great choice with the pastel shades. I’m definitely going to have a look at these trainers, I know a few people who can benefit from these.

    1. Hey Sariyah, thank you for your comments. Yes, this is the first time that sneakers have actually been designed specifically for a womans foot. Comfort was key for Lululemon right from the initial concept to design and production. I also really love the colors, beautiful pastel shades. 

      You are absolutely right, when it comes to footwear comfort, these Blissfeel sneakers actually form themselves to the individual foot making them extremely comfortable. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a pair of really good, high quality runners for any type of athletic activity.

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