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Pearl dress

Pearls are definitely trending in 2022. You will find this classic ocean born gem in everything from jewelry to clothing and accessories in ladies fashion. We are seeing the celebrities of the world embracing this trendy fashion statement; Catherine (Kate) the Duchess of Cambridge was given a pair of beautiful pearl earrings owned by Princess Diana. Jacqueline Kennedy said that pearls are always appropriate. Michelle Obama was often seen wearing pearls as was Sarah Jessica Parker, Scarlett Johansson, Katy Perry and Rihanna.

In this post we will take a look at some of the best pearls in the world, their enchanting colors, how they are being incorporated into todays fashions and the most popular pearl trends for 2022.

Chrome Hearts

Color, Color & More Color

Like diamonds, pearls are found in a variety of gorgeous colors, although the color we are most familiar with is white, cream or gray.

The rarest and most valuable is the Conch (pronounced Konk) Pearl found off the coast of the BahamasConch Pearl and the Gulf of Mexico. Colors range from a peach to a dark pink, the rarest of all and the most coveted.

The Tahitian Black Pearl definitely stands next to the Conch Pearl as far as their rarity is concerned. Colors range from dark green to peacock to black. Only those gems from French Polynesia are considered the sought after Tahitian Black Pearl.    Tahitian Black Pearls

The Melo Melo Pearl is found in the South China Sea and off the coast of Thailand. Their colors range from a bright orange to a very pale yellow. Finding one of notable size is quite rare.

Melo melo Pearl

Next in our pearl color palette is the Golden South Sea Pearl. As its name implies, its color ranges from a bright yellow to amber to a deep gold. These are found off the coast of the Philippine Islands.

Golden South Sea Pearl

Natural blue Akoya Pearls are also quite rare as are Chocolate brown pearls.

Blue Akoya Pearl

Brown Pearls

The Most Expensive Pearls on Earth

*** The Famous THREE STRAND PEARL NECKLACE was sold at Christies Auction House in New York in 2013 for a reported 1.4 million dollars. There are 180 natural pearls in this stunning necklace.

3 strand pearl necklace

*** FIVE STRAND NATURAL PEARLS was also sold by Christies, the famous jewelry auction house in 2012 for 1.7 million dollars. The necklace is composed of a total of 277 perfectly matched and graded pearls.

5 strand natural pearl necklace

*** COWDRAY PEARL NECKLACE is made up up of 38 very rare, grey pearls and sold for the unbelievable price of 3.3 million dollars

Cowdray Pearl Necklace

*** PIERRE CARTIERS PEARL NECKLACE valued at approximately 1 million dollars designed by the esteemed Pierre Cartier, owner of one of the finest jewelry empires in the world.

Pierre Cartier Pearl Necklace

*** PEARL OF LAO TZU or as it is sometimes known, the Pearl Of Allah. This is because of its very unusual shape, looking very much like a bearded man in a turban. It was found off the island of Palawan in the Philippine Islands in 1934. It is known as one of the worlds most largest and expensive beads at 3.5 million dollars.

Pearl of Lao Tzu

*** BIG PINK PEARL discovered in 1990, at a weight of 470 carats and valued at a staggering 4.7 million dollars. It is an abalone pearl displaying many colors like pink, lavender, blue & green.

Big Pink Pearl

*** BEAUTY OF THE OCEAN PEARL or pearl from China, is considered to be the most expensive and largest pearl in the world at a value of 139 million dollars. This beauty weighs in at an amazing six tons and stands five feet tall.

Beauty of the Ocean Pearl

Pearls In Fashion

Pinterest states, that in 2022, people of all ages will embrace pearl accents in their homes, in their jewelry boxes, and even as nail art. Pearls are adding a level of elegance never seen before in everything from sneakers, to dresses & skirts to sweaters and evening dresses. Yes, it seems that designers are now creating ladies apparel to include this beautiful and timeless gem. Pearls can be worn at any time of the day or night, they are always appropriate.

Here are few of the examples we have found where pearls have been incorporated into womens apparel and more..


                                       pearl dressPearl dress  Dress with Pearls


pearl sweater


pearl hat


pearls in hair


pearls on shoes


pearl purse


pearl nails

So, What Do You Think….

We have been discussing a little about The Best Pearls in the World here, covering some of their history, where they come from, the magnificent colors that are available, a few of the most notable and expensive pearls in the world, as well as a little bit of how pearls are being used in fashion.

We want to thank you most sincerely for reading this post, as usual, we would really love to hear your comments. What pearls do you have, do you wear them in your clothing or as jewelry. Let us know in the comment box below. (thank you goes to Pearl Fashions on Pinterest for some of the beautiful photos in this post)

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  1. I really enjoyed reading and learning about pearls. When I think of pearls as accessories for weddings. Pearls are on wedding dresses and jewelry to match the dress. Now pearls come in different colors to wear every day if we like! I especially like to wear pearls occasionally on night out with spouse and friends. 

    1. Hey Janette, thank you for your comments. Yes, you are absolutely right, pearls can be worn for almost any situation, and the colors they are available in now are nothing short of amazing.

      I especially like the fact that designers are now including them in their apparel, as well as shoes, hats, etc.

  2. It is no wonder that pearls have been valued as a women’s accessory for many years. Pearls have so much elegance and make the special dress or outfit to really stand out in many situations. The colors are simply amazing and the rarity of these, simply add to their value and their nattractiveness. Even if you do not have the money to buy them ; they are fascinating and will cause great admiration and desire. A pearl necklace is a valuable addition to any women’s Jelry Box.

    1. You are absolutely right, pearls have been a classic accessory for decades. They never seem to be out of fashion.

      I believe that any woman, no matter the age, would very much enjoy having some pearls in her jewelry box or perhaps even included in some of her clothing.

      Thanks so much for your comments, we appreciate it very much

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