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Valentines Day Gift

On February 14th each year, many of us will give a gift of jewelry to our special someone. A special treasure to act as a token of our love and devotion. Something they can wear for many , many years as a reminder of how much you care for them. Although the gifting of Valentines Day jewelry is a fairly new tradition, the giving of gifts on this special day has a very long history. Typically, a card with perhaps a “poem of love” written on it was given. In the mid 1700’s the   first hand made Valentines Day cards began to appear and it took almost 100 years before these cards of love began to be mass-produced. It wasn’t long after that when the giving of these special ‘love cards’ became very commercialized.

The Legend of St. Valentine

You may have read about a Legend that occurred during ancient Roman times about an Emperor whose name was Claudius. He was faced with the challenge of building his Roman army, and so, as the story goes, he forbade any Valentines  engagements or weddings to take place for a time thus keeping men more available for military service. At this time, there was a priest by the name of Valentine, who disobeyed the order by Claudius and continued to perform marriages for those who requested it of him. It wasn’t long before the emperor got wind of what was going on and ordered this priest to be beheaded on, that’s right, you guessed it, February 14th. The Catholic church since has named this martyr a saint now known as St. Valentine. So you can see, in a little more detail, how ‘Valentines Day’ may have originated.

What About Cupid

Where did ‘Cupid” come from, and why do we associate this symbol with love, hearts and Valentines Day. Cupid, back in ancient Greek times was known by a different name, Eros, the son of the ancient Greek Goddess, Aphrodite and the Greek God of War, Mars. In ancient Rome Cupid was known as the ‘God of Love’. He has often been seen as an infant


with wings, carrying a bow and a quiver full of arrows. Legend has it, that once a heart was pierced by the golden tip of Cupids arrow, a deep love soon followed. Today we will often see portrayals of this mythical infant with his bow and arrows on Valentines Day cards, boxes of Valentines Day chocolates and many other gifts available for your special someone on this special ‘Day of Love’ known as Valentines Day.

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Diamonds and Valentines Day

As we have discussed, Valentines Day has been celebrated for centuries by the giving of special cards with poems of love imprinted on them. Midway through the 1920’s some costume jewelry was made available and became a popular Valentines Day gift. However, it wasn’t until late in the 20th century that the giving of fine jewelry and then diamond jewelry started to gain traction. Small trinkets, or tokens of affection for ones love. Jewelry manufacturers began to promote jewelry as the only special Valentines Day gifts that should be given, especially jewelry that contained  Valentines Jewelry diamonds and or other precious stones. And today, we see the giving of jewelry on this special day has become a custom and in many ways, expected, and the most popular gift for a husband or boyfriend to give to his wife or girlfriend.

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So Let’s Wrap It Up

So, Valentines Day is less than one month away. What will you give to the special lady in your life. I’m sure you realize by now how much better your life is with her in it beside you, right ! So PLEASE, don’t wait until the last minute like many men will do. We do tend to be procrastinators, right ! If you are going to order online and have your gift delivered, the time to act, is NOW !

Once again, if we, at Womens Apparel & More can assist you in any way with your selection of Valentines Day Jewelry, or answer any questions you may have, please post them in the comments box below. We will love to hear your thoughts. Thank you from my wife Lett and myself, William for reading this post, we truly do appreciate it.

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