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Cross Jewelry

PROTECTI0N FROM EVIL, this is what a lot of Christians as well as non-Christians worldwide believe wearing a cross will do for them.

To others, it means, SACRIFICIAL LOVE, or simply wearing them as a piece of fashion jewelry.

Read on as we discuss the origins of Womens Cross Jewelry, and a little of its evolution into what is accepted today as a standard accessory. We will also take a look at the meanings of cross wearing by different cultures and civilizations as well as the most popular types of crosses and their meanings.

You will also learn of the top designers of Womens Cross Jewelry and where you can check them out and add them to your collection.

So, lets get started, shall we…

The Origins of Cross Jewelry

The history of the cross is rich and varied. For Christians, the cross is a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice. For others, it is a reminder of the Roman Empire’s power.

The first crosses were likely used by the Christian church as a way to differentiate itself from the pagan Roman empire

The origin of the cross dates back to ancient times, when it was used as a symbol of religious and political power. Early examples have been found in Mesopotamian and Egyptian art.

The shape of the cross also has a significant meaning, as it was meant to represent the crucifixion of Christ

It eventually became associated with Christianity, and it has been used as a religious symbol ever since.

Today, crosses are worn as jewelry by people of all faiths. They are also used as decorative elements in homes and churches.

Whether you view it as a symbol of faith or history, the cross remains an enduring and powerful icon.

Cross Jewelry Symbolism

Sideways Cross – Some see the sideways cross as a symbol of Christ laying down His cross for others to pick up and carry on. There are even some countries that include a sideways cross on their national flag.

The Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Finland & Norway use the sideways cross on their flags. For them, it was a symbol of Christianity that they had placed on their war banners including the Northern Crusades.

Cross with 3 lines – The Russian Orthodox Cross has three horizontal lines or crossbeams. Nowadays, it is a symbol of their church as well as a representation of the cultural landscape of Russia.

Inverted Cross – For centuries it is believed that the upside down cross symbolizes the crucifixion of the apostle Peter who didn’t think he was worthy to be crucified in the same manner as Jesus Christ. In modern times it is known to be used as a symbol of atheism and the occult or as an opposition to Christianity.

Celtic Cross – This cross variation depicts a cross with a circle surrounding the juncture of the two arms of the cross which emerged primarily in Ireland during the early middle ages.

Cross Jewelry – As we know, many Christians wear Womens Cross Jewelry as a symbol of their beliefs. Many also believe that wearing a cross will protect the wearer from harm and evil. Some say that a cross will not only represent a persons beliefs, but will also signify fortune and good luck.

Crosses in Culture

The Christian cross is perhaps the best known, and it represents the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. For Christians, the cross is a symbol of hope and salvation.

The Irish culture is steeped in Celtic tradition, and the Celtic cross is a popular symbol in Irish culture. The cross has a circle around the center, which represents eternity or eternal life.

In Native American culture, the cross is often used as a symbol of protection. It is believed to ward off evil spirits and offer strength and support to those who wear it.

Crosses are also worn by members of the Wiccan religion as a sign of their faith.

Some younger people, as a rule, who follow a Goth Subculture, wear cross jewelry as a symbol of the grave, if inverted, indicating the following of satanic rites.

For many pagans, the cross is seen as a symbol of balance and harmony between the catcher urchin worlds.

A Few of Our Favorite Designers

Some of the most popular designers of cross jewelry include wolf & badger, tiffanys, David yurman, Alor, and Blue Nile.

Wolf & Badger’s cross jewelry is made with sterling silver and is simple yet stylish.

Tiffany s’ cross jewelry is generally made with 18k gold and is very classic and elegant.

David Yurman’s cross jewelry is made with 14k gold and diamonds and is very luxurious.

.Alor’s cross jewelry is made with 14k white gold and blue sapphires and is very unique.

Blue Nile’s cross jewelry is made with platinum and diamonds and is very classic.

Amazon also have an incredible designer selection of cross jewelry for ladies.

All of these and other designers have their own unique style and each one’s cross jewelry is absolutely beautiful!


Some of Our Favorite Pieces

Cross Jewelry

14K Solid Gold Cross pendant, stamped with 14K quality hallmark

Cross Jewelry 

18K Gold Plated Huggies Crystal Cross Earrings. Lifetime ‘no questions asked’ guarantee.

Cross Jewelry Sterling Silver Birthstone Cross necklace. Infinity Love Heart necklace.


Cross Jewelry


14K Gold Cross Stud earrings. 58.5% real gold (not just plated)


cross jewelry    14K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Cross earrings. AAAAA quality cubic zirconia stones.

Cross Jewelry


        Simulated Dainty Diamond Cross pendant, Cubic Zirconia stones. 






cross jewelry


14K Yellow Gold, Diamond Accented Cross pendant necklace. Handcrafted in the USA.





cross jewelryWhite Gold Plated 925 Solid Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Twisted cross Infinity Loop cross pendant necklace.






cross jewelry

White Gold Plated Solid Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia twisted cross Infinity Loop pendant.





cross jewelry

Sterling Silver Crucifix with cross pendant necklace. Classic and Timeless.

So Lets Wrap It Up

As you have read, crosses have been used as jewelry for centuries, and the origins of this practice can be traced back to a variety of cultures and religions.

In Christianity, the cross is a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice, and cross jewelry is often worn as a reminder of one’s faith.

In other cultures, crosses are seen as protective talismans, and they are often decorated with intricate designs and symbols.

Today, there is a wide range of cross jewelry available, and many designers have created their own unique interpretations of this popular style. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern take on this classic design, there’s sure to be a cross that’s perfect for you.

We thank you for visiting and reading this article on Womens Cross Jewelry – Its Back.

We would love to hear from you and your experiences with cross jewelry. Please leave your comments and/or questions below.

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  1. Awesome article right here. I loved the history lesson, and I wasn’t aware of the Russian Orthodox cross with three lines in it, good to know! I see people wearing cross jewelry everywhere I go, it’s definitely very popular, even for men. I like the aesthetics of a cross, it’s beautiful. A very interesting read, thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Dave, we appreciate your comments. I agree, the history of the different types of crosses does make for interesting reading for sure. 

      You are right, many men also wear cross jewelry as am accessory. There are so many beautiful designs available to choose from. They are always in style.

      1. The best website to come by and find cross jewelry. Womans cross jewelry is back and seeing these fantastic pictures makes it easy to dress and make clothes look nice.
        We come here all the time and with so many questions you are here to answer them all the time.
        I am going to share this with as many people as we know, thanks again.


        1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments. Yes, you are right. Womens Cross Jewelry is back, and in a big way. There is such a variety of beautiful pieces to chose from.
          We appreciate you sharing this article with friends and family. Im sure they will find it informative.
          Take care

  2. I don’t know the symbolism of the cross to non-Christians as I never bothered to find out. So, thank you for this valuable piece of information. 

    But using the cross to drive out evil is always a concept I watch in the movies and storylines for novels. ☺

    But as a Christian, the cross indeed is a constant reminder of Christ’s sacrifice for the redemption of man. I will always be grateful for what my Lord has accomplished for me on the cross. I love cross jewelry because it reminds me of God’s sacrificial and unconditional love. Also, I wear them as a public confession of my faith in Christ as my Savior.

    And when it comes to cross jewelry for women, I always go with Tiffany’s because I believe it will never go out of style because of its class and elegance.

    1. Hey Alice, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comments.

      Yes, you are right, Millions of Christians around the globe associate cross jewelry with Christs sacrifice for us.

      The different styles of crosses, their history, the cultures where they were developed, etc does make for fascinating reading for sure.

      You cannot go wrong with Tiffany’s cross jewelry for sure when looking for quality pieces. Many other manufacturers are also providing beautiful cross jewelry.

  3. Thanks a lot for this valuable and detailed post about womens cross jewelry. This is actually a very important post for me. My girlfriend likes this type of cross very much. And her birthday is next week. You have shown good jewelry. I will definitely get her this one. Thanks a lot Maket. Keep posting like this. And I will definitely share this.

    1. Hi Pasindu, we appreciate your comments very much. Thank you.

      I am sure your girlfriend will love to receive a beautiful piece of cross jewelry from you. 

      We appreciate you sharing this information…

      Take care.

  4. This is a great article about cross jewelry. I am familiar with the spiritual significance of the jewelry, but I had no idea that it had any significance to the Roman Empire. It’s a brief good piece of history to know and a reminder for those who have forgotten. The cross jewelry you have here look so beautiful too. I am sure they cost more than an arm and a leg. Thank you for this post.

    1. Hi MadyibiLG, Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comments. Yes, the history of Cross Jewelry goes back a very long way. We are glad you enjoyed the read. The cross has always had a religious significance for Christians as well as some other faiths.
      There are so many beautiful Cross jewelry pieces available today, with price points to meet anyones budget.
      Take care,
      William & Lett

  5. Very interesting article about cross jewelry. To me, as an Orthodox Christian, the cross is a symbol of Christ’s crucifixion and protection from unclean forces. I think that this is why the cross should not be worn as a fashion detail, but only as a reminder of Christ. The examples of cross jewelry exhibited here are very beautiful.

    1. Hello Ana, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comments.
      Millions of Christians of different denominations do wear a piece of cross jewelry to remind them of their faith. I think that just as many people who do not wear a cross but see someone else wearing one, could also not only appreciate its beauty, but may also be reminded of the sacrifice made for man.
      Take care..

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