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organic cotton

There are many advantages to using Organic Cotton for the manufacture of womens innerwear. As a rule, organic cotton crops are harvested by hand, as opposed to using harvest machinery. This process treats the material much more gently as you can imagine, and the cotton fibers are preserved and not broken meaning they will be longer and therefore much softer.  organic cotton

Womens Organic Cotton Underwear is far more durable as it is never processed with any harmful chemicals.

Why Should You Consider Organic Cotton Innerwear

* The biggest reason thousands of women just love organic cotton innerwear is because they are so soft yet still very durable, lasting for many years. Cotton is also a natural fabric. The material is breathable and absorbent meaning that it feels so soft and will wick moisture away from your skin helping to prevent yeast infections, especially for those of you who have super sensitive skin.

* Organic cotton innerwear is so much better for your health. There are no harsh chemicals used in growing or their manufacture, which means that these chemicals will not  eventually absorb into your skin. Cotton is definitely your best choice for everyday wear, especially in undergarments. Man made synthetic materials such as polyester will trap moisture and heat against the skin making it an ideal environment for bacterial and or fungal growth.

* Farmers who choose to grow organic cotton are in fact making our planet a priority. Cotton has been considered by many experts as one of the dirtiest crops grown in the world. This is as a result of the massive amounts of pesticides and other damaging chemicals that are used to grow the cotton. It is not uncommon to see formaldehyde, ammonia and other harmful chemicals sprayed on its fields. Cotton crops grown this non-organic way require huge amounts of water, in fact organic cotton uses about 80% less water than growing with traditional methods adding to the sustainability of our planet, and of course, growing any crop organically will create far less pollution entering our waterways and our environment.

* Organic Cotton Innerwear is also a better option because it does not use synthetic materials that are made from petrochemicals. These petrochemicals are fossil fuel based, nonrenewable, and will produce very harmful waste as well as emissions. Not good for planet earth at all.

* Organic Cotton Innerwear is quite naturally hypoallergenic. If you have skin allergy problems, natural cotton underwear should be your first go to. It is the perfect choice for sensitive skin. Just like the organic food you buy at the market, certified organic cotton innerwear is 100% plant based with no harmful chemicals.

Our Top Five

1) KNICKEY Certified Organic Cotton underwear, elevated organic cotton basics for you, one of the most talked about undergarments in the world. The Best Fitting organic cotton underwear in the industry, hands down. These garments have been designed to fit your body, no matter your shape or size. Knickey will give you a free pair when you recycle your worn out garment.

Knickey coton high rise briefs      Knickey cotton underwear

2) ARQ GOTS Certified Organic Cotton underwear, manufactured in the United States. Once again, an environmentally conscientious clothing manufacturer, and BlueSign Certified (garment was created with the highest environmental standards for textiles). Styles are quite limited, however, you will find that this manufacturer has some of the very best patterns and colors available in this market space.

ARQ Cotton underwear

ARQ organic cotton underwear

3) PACT Certified Organic Cotton underwear is manufactured from organic cotton grown in India to insure very high quality garments. In fact, 74% of all the organic cotton in the world is grown in India. This fabric is extremely kind to your skin as well as to the environment. PACT uses a very high percentage of environmentally friendly materials in the manufacture of their under garments. The brand is very affordable and garments are sewn in Fair Trade Certified Factories, having one of the largest selections of styles as well as Variety packs, which can bring the price per pair down substantially.

Pact cotton underwear

Pact cotton underwear

4) KOTN A bit of luxury for you every day. Sustainable sourced premium Egyptian cotton. KOTN works closely with 2,390 private farmers, where the biggest ask has, and always will be quality. They are known for Giving Back by investing in primary schools in the Nile,Delta, and Faiyum areas of Egypt where they have funded 15 and built 7 to date. They focus on the best natural cotton fibers which will biodegrade at the end of their life cycle. They use only Oeko-Tex non-toxic certified dyes for their wide array of colors.

Kotn organic cotton underwear

Kotn cotton underwear

5) RICHER POORER, a premier manufacturer of Organic Cotton underwear for women, calling Southern California, USA home. Committed to a very high standard of quality utilizing cleaner, low environmental impact fabrics crafted for use in your everyday life. They produce a broad variety of undergarments for women in a number of styles and colors.

organic cotton underwear richer poorer

                                                      richer poorer cotton underwear


There are more manufacturers of Womens Organic Cotton Underwear than we have been able to introduce to you in this short article. However, after doing our research, we have provided our review of those we consider to be the very best available today.

Organic Cotton under garments are becoming much more in vogue as we see manufacturers in other industries moving to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly business model. As we stated above, almost three quarters of the worlds organic cotton is grown in India, followed closely by Egypt.

These garments are undoubtedly the most comfortable that you will find anywhere, to wear next to your skin. We invite you to take a closer look at our top five by clicking on their links above.

As always, we would love to hear about your experience with organic cotton innerwear. Please tell us what you think, we want to know

Once again, we thank you for staying with us to the end of this post.

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  1. Quick question, is this underwear itchy? My partner has been complaining saying that she’s running out of underwear as the ones she currently owns are getting old so I am thinking of purchasing her new ones. They looks very comfortable but are they itchy? I will be waiti for your feedback. 

    1. Hi Aubin, thank you for your question. I can assure you that Organic Cotton underwear is the most comfortable innerwear that your partner will ever experience, definitely not itchy. These manufacturers also do not use any man made fabrics like polyester, or harmful dyes that would irritate the skin. Please go ahead, she will definitely thank you. If we can help in any other way, please let us know. All the best !


  2. When  I start to rank  cotton underwear, I could say they are just marvelous. I myself would want to wear something down there that is supper soft and comfortable. I’ve heard ladies compliment cotton underwears in boutiques on how they love them because of their absorbent nature and comfort. The best choices have been classified in this women Cotton underwear review and you might just find the right texture for you. Try this cotton underwear pants and I don’t you would regret it 

    1. You  are absolutely right Johnny, they are super comfortable,  thanks so much for your  comment.  Yes, we have reviewed favorites here. I m sure anyone would be extremely happy weareany of the recommendations here

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